Crabgrass Treatment

Crabgrass is a symptom of poor turf quality. It will germinate anywhere your lawn is thin or bare. To stop this from happening our long term goal always is to improve turf density and crowd out any spots for potential crabgrass. Several factors that play a role in promoting healthy turf so that the grass will actually prevent crabgrass from germinating such as; mowing height, proper watering and soil pH. Where turf is not thriving there is often a need for minor over-seeding in the spring with a quick germinating ryegrass or major lawn renovation in the fall. Our lawn specialists can help point out areas for potential outbreaks and if needed we will do some spot seeding for an appropriate charge.

What about corn gluten? This natural product has pre-emergent qualities to minimize weeds and crabgrass. The problem is that it has to be applied at very high rates that it is not cost effective. Corn gluten is also very high in nitrogen, which when applied at the large quantities needed to prevent crabgrass it works counter to the objectives of organic lawn care.

For many of our clients we offer surgically applied conventional pre and post emergent crabgrass control. We have invested in equipment that allows to apply these products only when and where needed. This greatly reduces our overall pesticide use while still providing superior crabgrass control. We have selected products that have a high safety profile, and will not persist in the environment or harm unintentional targets. We use EPA reduced risk controls whenever possible.

Proper watering and mowing will also encourage a deep root system of your lawn to maintain density through the summer months.