Grub Control

White grubs are generally less of a problem in organic lawns than conventionally treated lawns due to the deep and well developed root system of healthy organic turf. However, in some circumstances grubs can cause a lot of damage in an unprotected lawn.

We offer two very effective and safe options for grub control with our lawn programs. The most effective and best value control we offer is a product called Acelepryn. It used best used as a preventative application, but can still be used as a curative.

Acelepryn ┬áis in a new class of chemistry (anthranilic diamides), which interferes with the movement of calcium ions during muscle contraction. The receptor site on insects happens to be much more sensitive to this molecule than are mammals, so the active ingredient has a very low toxicity to mammals. The EPA did not require DuPont to include a signal word (in this case,”Caution”) on the label and is on the reduced risk pesticide list. It is also non-toxic to honey bees and other pollinators.

We also offer an OMRI certified organic option. Grandevo is a newer product naturally derived from a Bacterium. It is considered a bio-control. It works best as curative grub control, but it is effective for a truly organic approach. It can be pricey though.