Nature Guard 6 and 8 Step Lawn Care Programs

What Is The Nature Guard Lawn Program?


Bio-rational- Based on biological principles; having an effect by natural means; having a minimal disruptive influence upon the environment and its inhabitants.


  • Lawn care that is designed to provide a minimum of 50% reduction of chemical inputs (chemical fertilizers and control products, no phosphorous) with a means to elimination of chemical inputs altogether. We commit to constantly try and reduce chemical inputs.
  • Focus on improvement of soil health. This is done through the introduction, encouragement and amplification of soil biology, as well as, improving soil structure and chemistry.
  • Utilize bio-stimulation as a core input and process.
  • Utilize improved cultural practices and chemical free control methods when possible.
  • Fertilize only when appropriate as determined by the genetic growth habit of turf and weather conditions.
  • Utilize new science when control measures are required by choosing EPA exempt, EPA Reduced Risk or certified organic pesticides.
  • Educate.


Lawn Fertility– The Nature Guard fertility program is designed specifically for the poor soils of Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts. We use the best elements of both the conventional (chemical) and organic methods of maintaining high quality turf. Our fortified organic program improves the structure, chemistry and biology of the soil. This is done by adding organic matter and highly beneficial soil microorganisms, a concept known as “bio-nutrition”. This approach is derived from solid research done on bio-nutrition at universities, including Purdue, North Carolina State and Penn State. In addition to enhancing the soil, the Nature Guard bio-nutrition program feeds the turf with multiple sources of nutrients allowing for quicker green up while the organic elements  sustains turf naturally. The result is a healthy, vigorous stand of turf that is resistant to insect, disease and drought, while greatly reducing our carbon footprint and potential nutrient loading to our fragile waterways and aquifers.

What about weeds and crabgrass?

We use carefully chosen conventional chemical controls for our clients that would prefer to do this (whenever possible we will choose EPA exempt or reduced risk controls). We have invested in new equipment that will allow us to more surgically apply these products where needed. This will allow us to minimize pesticide use while still being able to provide excellent control. We have selected control products that have a high safety profile, and will not persist in the environment or harm unintentional targets. For our clients that would prefer organic controls only we will be happy to do so.


Why is this approach better?

We feel that this is most effective way to provide our customers with a high quality lawn while still maintaining our commitment and integrity to provide a product that is safe for our environment, our clients, and our employees.


Nature Guard 6 Step Program- 6 applications of bio-nutrition applied throughout the season. For each application weeds will be spot treated for control as needed. Timing of the applications occur roughly 5 weeks apart. Grub control and limestone can be purchased ala carte and added to the program.


Nature Guard 8 Step Program-  Our premium service, 8 applications of bio-nutrition applied throughout the season. For each application weeds will be spot treated for control as needed. Timing of the applications occur roughly 4 weeks apart. Grub control is included in the cost of the program. Limestone can be purchased ala carte.